Nanjing Medical University Scholarship Ceremony at Gold Leaf Hotel

Nanjing Medical University Scholarship Ceremony at Gold Leaf Hotel

Since my early youth, I have always dreamt to be a doctor. Before taking my final decision, I have applied to many different universities in various countries.

After 6 months of constant research I have, finally decided to choose Nanjing Medical University which is represented by OVERSEAS EDUCATION CENTRE (OVEC) for the following reasons:

  • OVEC, which directly represents Nanjing Medical University, is approved by the Ministry of Education. Nanjing Medical University is approved by the Ministry of Education of Mauritius and China, as well as the World Health Organization. I am definitely certain to have good quality education there.
  • I also felt more secure with OVEC as on acceptance of my admission, I paid my first year tuition fees directly to the university and not through any other third party. There is no extra charge for VISA form and accommodation procedures. These services are offered free by the university. Above all I also chose to apply via OVEC due to its completely free services that it offers to students.
  • The cost of living and tuition fee in China is affordable for my parents and this will thereby reduce the pressure for them to pay for my higher education. As compared to the Medical universities in Australia or UK the cost is much lower. Below shows the price:
    The cost of accommodation per year for a shared room is: 8 000 RMB per year approximately equal to Rs40 000.
    The cost of tuition fees at the top university such as Nanjing is: 34 000 RMB per year roughly equal to Rs170000
  • The course offered is completely in English Medium and is of world class quality standard.
  • Throughout my research, I found out that Nanjing Medical University is the best Medical University in China. Nanjing University is also among the top universities in the World ranking that can be found in the QS Top University Ranking Website. Nanjing Medical University has also been awarded many Government prizes in the recent past for its research work and projects.
  • Nanjing, being a very developed and cosmopolitan city, is also the old Capital city of China. This city is very centrally located in China close to cities such as Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou etc….. There is also a fast express train that connects Nanjing with Beijing. Nanjing was also the capital of many previous emperors in China and is therefore rich in culture and History. I am also sure to learn the authentic Mandarin language there which is China’s official mother tongue.

Another important point is that I have also been awarded a SCHOLARSHIPby Nanjing Medical University.

To conclude, I would like to say a big thanks to Franky Chitson and the OVEC team for their counsel, quick processing and proper response to help me achieve my dreams and my career. I am now very enthusiastic to proceed towards my aim of becoming a doctor.

Keshav Cheekhoory.

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