Group of 8

Group of 8

These universities are the oldest in Australia.

They are regularly listed towards the top of any ranking scheme that includes Australian universities.

They also:

  • receive over 70% of national research grants,
  • employ 80% of university researchers,
  • produce 60% of research publications,
  • generate 80% of the most highly cited university publications.

The members are:

  • University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Australian National University, Canberra, ACT
  • University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria
  • University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland
  • University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales
  • University of Western Australia, Perth, Wentern Australia

source: EATC 

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