Mauritian Speech at Nanjing

Mauritian Speech at Nanjing

Honorable officials, teachers, fellow students and non-teaching staff, Nimen Hao!

I, Keshav Cheekhoory, on behalf of all the Mauritian Students from the School of International Education of Nanjing Medical University, request all your precious attention to start my speech:

In present times, education is the most precious resource to us human beings, for the progressive evolution of our world. In terms of education, China definitely has the best foot forward. Chinese people had always had a sheer advance on medicine, technology and science. In fact, nothing less could be expected from the Nation that invented acupuncture, the wheel and gun powder.

As a foreign student, coming from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, to the country of Mao Tze Tong, it was an incredible experience. It was analogous to enter a new dimension. Being accepted as a student of medicine in Nanjing Medical University, which is one of the best, if not the best medical university in China, was possible only with the precious help of Mr. Franky Chitson, the OVEC staff and the officials from Nanjing Medical University. Choosing China, especially Nanjing, as the medium through which, we Mauritian students would pursue our university studies, was undoubtedly the best choice. A collaboration between China and Mauritius already exists between 37 years. Thus coming to study in Nanjing can only strengthen the already solid diplomatic bonds which exist between our 2 countries.

Not later than yesterday, the Mauritian government was honored to receive the visit of the Vice Governor of the Shanxi Province, Mr Li Xiao Ping, who came to finalize a Rs 25 billion contract called the Economic Trade Corporation Zone. On the 16th February 2009, Mauritius was extremely proud to receive the visit of the honorable President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Hu Jintao, who came with the aim of establishing a development scheme in Mauritius.

I would like to thank profoundly our dean Dr. Zhengjing Feng, our vice-dean, Mr Franky Chitson, Mrs Hailan Jiang, and all the officials, teachers and non-teaching staff, who since the beginning of our stay in Nanjing Medical University work hard to make us feel at ease. Like I previously said, Chinese people have an advance in terms of education and discipline on the rest of the world. Chinese people have so much to give and Mauritian students shall learn from you all with humbleness and modesty.

Xiexie nimen, for having listened to me.

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