PIBT – ECU Pathway

PIBT – ECU Pathway

PIBT Star Student

Clarel Empeigne (Mauritius), has just completed a Diploma of Business at PIBT with outstanding results as he progresses to a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting at ECU. I spoke with Clarel about his time at PIBT and expectations for the future.

What did you learn from your experiences at PIBT?
Though I have started Tertiary education since 2001 doing a long distance course (which I never completed) and a Diploma (which I found difficult to complete), studying at PIBT has greatly motivated me to go until completion of the course and keep on trying hard.
I am someone who always think ”I can’t do it”, but with good and friendly lecturers and staff (reception and elab)always there to give advice and encourage students, I found myself able to do a little bit more each time, or at least to try my best.

The excellent learning environment, the way the classes are run, the resources we receive and available to us and the friends we met here at PIBT from different background – all these help us in having a good learning condition, to remain motivated and aim higher.

What are your future goals?
In life: to succeed in every aspect of life, whether it be education, love (with my wife), spirituality, and be able to fulfil the needs of those persons who count a lot to me (my wife and my parents) and future children; not just get a good job and earn a lot of money which I summarise in: “to succeed in my life and not just succeed in life”.

My career: I started as a secondary school teacher, but now I am aiming at becoming a well-recognised accountant (which I wanted to do since I left High School).

Tell me something interesting about yourself
Every time I see on TV or in magazines or read about a sport or leisure activity (on ground, air or sea), I say to myself, I want to do that one day! There are so many! Do you think I will be able to do all these . . . I don’t think so, but it’s good to have dreams!!!

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