Aeronautics studies at SAU

Aeronautics studies at SAU

OVEC has attracted yet another prestigious university partnership. Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) has recently made an agreement with OVEC for the recruitment of bright and motivated Mauritian students. SAU specializes in aeronautics (English medium) but also offers other courses.

Shenyang city is the aviation city of China; it has ten companies for aeronautical and astronautical manufacturing, four research institutes and  one university.

Shenyang produces parts for Boeing and Airbus, the best military airplanes in China and such popular small passenger planes as the American CESSNA. SAU students and teachers manufactured their own plane in 1958, and today, SAU has more than 20 aircrafts and numerous labs for students to practise.

The engineering practice center is of national level. SAU is also proud of its 147 School, as it is the only one in China to train students in the maintenance of helicopters and issue corresponding licenses.

Annual tuition fees (Bachelor degree): RMB16,000 (~Rs80,000)

Contact us or drop by our offices for more details. OVEC does not charge any kind of fees and all tuition payments are made by bank transfer directly to the university.

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