OVEC the Pioneer of Malaysian Education in Mauritius

OVEC the Pioneer of Malaysian Education in Mauritius

OVEC is the pioneer of Malaysian Education in Mauritius and started its first Malaysia Education fair here as early as in 2002.


At that time, Malaysia was still unknown to Mauritian students and OVEC found a new destination that could make education accessible to people with more humble background.


The Malaysian government encouraged many foreign universities to set up their campuses there to attract students because of cheaper cost of living,


The University of Nottingham from UK [see side photo of Franky Chitson, OVEC Director in charge of Malaysia market with its Top management team from Left to right: Govindan Nair Director of International Affairs, Christine Ennew Pro-vice chancellor and provost Professor and Diana Chee International Marketing Manager] was the 1st one from UK to set up a Campus in Malaysia. Now there are many more campuses of well knownUniversities such as Monash, Swinburne & Curtin [from Australia] and the latest British one, the University of Newcastle. OVEC works with these prestigious Universities and has also selected a few niche areas of good courses from a selected pool of reputable institutions which franchise foreign programmes such as Taylor’s University, HELP, KBU, UCSI, IMU where students will receive a high quality of education and service.

OVEC is now running MALAYSIAN EDUCATION OPEN DAYS until September for free counseling to students who can also visit the OVEC website, www.ovec.ms or check the Asia News Network website www.asianewsnet.net  for valuable articles on education.

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