New Zealand

Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) is a government owned tertiary education institution with three campuses: Hawke’s Bay, Auckland, and Gisborne, New Zealand.
It is also referred to as EIT Hawke’s Bay, EIT Tairāwhiti, and EIT Auckland. EIT serves as the main regional higher education centre for the Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne regions.
The Eastern Institute of Technology has a 28-hectare (69-acre) main campus in Taradale a suburb in Napier.
It is situated half-way between the twin cities of Napier and Hastings, (approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) from each city), which together comprise the fifth largest urban area in New Zealand.
It also has learning centres in Hastings, Waipukurau, Ruatoria, Tokomaru Bay, Wairoa and a centre in Maraenui, a suburb of the city of Napier. The Tairāwhiti campus offers a laidback format, and the Auckland campus is on Queen Street in Auckland.


Quality Education – EIT was ranked as one of New Zealand’s top-rated New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics for research in the performance- based Research Fund.
EIT is a category one institution as assessed by New Zealand Quality Authority under the External Evaluation and Review.
Study = “work ready” programmes lead to job opportunities after graduation.
Smaller classes and greater personal attention from teachers.
High levels of satisfaction from current international students.
Many qualifications have professional body recognition and the skills gained are international transferable.
Excellent value for money – affordable fees and a lower cost of living in Napier and Gisborne.
Opportunities during your programme for part-time work.
Relaxed small city lifestyles with temperature weather and easy access to beaches, mountains, forests and rivers for outdoor adventure.
EIT’s Napier campus is arguably New Zealand’s most beautiful campus.
Our Auckland Campus offers students a city experience, with Auckland beaches, forests, and offshore islands at your doorsteps.

There are now more than 130 programmes offered at masters, postgraduate, degree, diploma or certificate level, across a range of subject areas including:
Grape Growing & wine Making – NZ$ 20,500 – RS 492,000
Agriculture & Horticulture – NZ$ 19,200 – RS 460,800
Business and Management – NZ$ 18,500 – RS 444,000
Computer Science and IT – NZ$19,200 – RS 460,800
Ideaschool- Arts & Thinking – NZ$20,500 – RS 492,000
Hospitality, Tourism & Travel – NZ$ 19,200 – RS 460,800
Health & Sport Science – NZ$ 20,500- RS 492,000
Education & Social Sciences – NZ$ 20,500- RS 492,000
Nursing & Health Professions – NZ$ 21,500- RS 492,000

EIT is a Category One Institute of Education that has three main campuses in Napier, Auckland and Gisborne (Tairāwhiti).
Napier is a coastal city in the Hawke’s Bay region that offers a relaxed lifestyle. You’ll get to enjoy plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches at our doorstep, a 160 km bike trails and award-wining wineries. Compared to bigger centres, Napier and the Hawke’s Bay region is a stress-free commuting city. With only a 15–20 minute drive between Napier and Hastings, congestion on the roads is virtually unheard of in this region. There are also cafes, restaurants and shopping options in Napier and Hastings where you can unwind after a full day of lectures.
Gisborne, the first city in the world to see the sunrise each day, is a landscape of sandy beaches, surf breaks and golden vineyards. It’s small enough to be friendly and welcoming, yet big enough to have all the amenities of the major centres, including shopping, cinemas, cafes, restaurants and entertainment.
EIT’s Auckland campus is located in the heart of the city’s Central Business District (CBD). There are cafes, restaurants, galleries and parks, as well as an array of top-brand shops on Queen Street nearby the campus. From the CBD, it is easy to explore some of Auckland’s treasured attractions such as its stunning beaches, pristine rainforests, wineries and the magnificent Hauraki Gulf.

EIT offers the latest facilities and friendly services to help you succeed and enjoy your time in New Zealand.
These include a health centre, sport and recreation centre, on-campus cafés, computer labs, a library and a bookshop. International students are well supported at EIT by our International Student Welfare Office, International Student Mentors and Academic Learning Services. Diversity is celebrated at EIT with events such as celebrations to mark International Cultures Day, Matariki (a New Zealand Māori celebration), Diwali and Chinese New Year occur throughout the year.

Accommodation: NZ$100 (RS2,400) to $350 (RS 8,400) per week
Food: NZ$60(RS 1,440) to $100 (RS 2,400) per week
Transport: NZ$10(RS 240) to $70 (RS 1,680) per week
Entertainment: NZ$40 (RS 960) to $100 (RS 2,400) per week
Utilities: NZ$20(RS 480) to $60 (RS 1,440) per week


Auckland Institute of Studies

Auckland Institute of Studies is a unique tertiary institution with a distinctive international focus. Since its inception, this developing institute has attracted students and staff from countries around the world and now has developed a number of close relationships with leading educational institutions internationally. 

This network has advantages for both our international and New Zealand students.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students experience expert personalised education.

The learning and development of each student is guided by qualified and committed staff who see their primary role as mentors in helping students achieve success.

We have created learning pathways and support strategies are in place to cater for the different skills and abilities of individual students, maximising their opportunities to achieve their goals.

On each campus we ensure that a friendly nurturing environment balances and supports our rigorous and demanding academic programmes.

We utilise a variety of monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the quality of our programmes is maintained at the highest international standards.

Earning an AIS academic credential is a qualification for life, and requires each student to demonstrate a high level of personal commitment and integrity.

Studying at AIS is a uniquely rewarding experience


Auckland Institute of Studies offer programmes in:

Undergraduate Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of International Business (Level 7) (specialisations in Accounting, E-Business, International Trade, Management, Marketing), – NZ$17,920
  • Bachelor of IT (Level 7) (specialisations in Software Development,
  • Computer Networks,
  • Information Systems, Internet Technology),
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management (Level 7), – NZ$17,920
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Level 7) – NZ$17,920
  • Diploma in International Business (Level 6), – NZ$17,920
  • Diploma in IT (Level 6),
  • Diploma in Tourism management (Level 6),
  • Diploma in Hospitality Operations Management (Level 6)
  • Diploma in International Business (Level 5), – NZ$17,920
  • Diploma in IT (Level 5),
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 5),
  • Diploma in Hospitality Operations (Level 5)
  • Master of Business Administration – NZ$32,700
  • International Business
  • Tourism Management – NZ$18,920
  • Hospitality Management – NZ$18,920
  • Information Technology –
  • English Language
  • English Teacher Training
  • Master of Business Administration (Level 9) (specialisations in International Business, Finance,
  • Marketing, Operations and Logistics),
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Level 8),
  • Graduate Diploma in International Business (Level 7) (3 elective courses in E-Business, International Trade, Management and Marketing),
  • Graduate Diploma in IT (Level 7) (specialisations in Software Development, Computer Networks, Information Systems, Internet Technology), – NZ$19,600
  • Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 7) – NZ$18,920

STUDENT SERVICES FEE (compulsory) – NZ$270 per year

  • Includes pastoral care and counselling services,
  • employment and careers information and guidance,
  • sports,
  • recreation and cultural activities and Student Council activities.

ON-CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION (not including meals)

  • Accommodation Bond (refundable) payable in advance NZ$300
  • Multi Share Room (4 students per room) – Casual weekly rate – NZ$170
  • Twin Share Room – Casual weekly rate -NZ$190
  • Single Room – Casual weekly rate -NZ$210


  • Homestay Arrangement Fee NZ$260
  • Caregiver Homestay Arrangement Fee NZ$280
  • Homestay Accommodation NZ$265 per week
  • Caregiver Homestay Accommodation NZ$285 per week


Unitec Institute of Technology

Unitec is New Zealand’s largest institute of technology, with more than 20,000 students studying over 150 work-oriented programmes.

We offer leading employment-focused education at our two campuses in Mt. Albert, and Waitākere.

Why choose Unitec

We offer a friendly and diverse learning environment with flexible study programmes, lots of support, and hands-on experience to build the skills you need for your career and your future.

Courses available:

  • Architecture
  • Business studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Health
  • Computer
  • Construction

Cost of living

To give you some idea of what funds you need while you’re living in Auckland which are in addition to your tuition fees, some examples are given below:

  • Accommodation: NZ$8,000-10,000 per year
  • Books: NZ$1,000
  • Miscellaneous: NZ$4,000

So in total, you need to budget for NZ$15,000 per year as per the Immigration New Zealand student visa requirements.