Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 14:27

  • Your visa letter (issued by the school after deposit is paid)
  • CRB check (Certificat de moralite) issued at Ministry of Justics, NPF building,PL (1 month processing)
  • Financial proof re costs for 1 year i.e. personal or joint bank account.

Level 1 students will need a credit card to aply online: $540
Medical check up and X ray
Financial proof i.i bank statement, fixed deposit, loan evidence, sponsorship, etc.

Generally, studies in architecture last 5 years. Upon completion, one needs to get registered at the local body of architects,

Studies in architecture are offered in most countries.
Australia: many universities
UK: many universities
China: SEU
Malaysia: UCSI, Lim Kok Wing

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